About us
Wirtz-Chemieprodukte GmbH was founded in 1980 with the intention to represent medium-sized chemical companies in Germany.

Today we represent medium-sized Western companies from Europe and USA which are specialised in various fields of chemical core competences, so that we can offer a broad range of technologies to our customers. We accompany projects - especially from the High-Tech-Area of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry - from the lab sample to the point of industrial manufacture. Apart from marketing our principals "catalogue-products" our main attention is toll or custom manufacture, placing high importance on arranging, supporting and nurturing the direct technical contact between our principals and customers.

High quality standards of our partners permit us to supply specific building blocks, fine chemicals and active substances to all important chemical companies in Germany.
We would like to emphase, that Wirtz-Chemieprodukte GmbH is not a trader. We offer concentrated technical marketing, local customer service and order supervision for our principals. A method to keep the overhead costs in the interest of our customers to a minimum.
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